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Laboratory Air Data Test Sets

MPS46 Static Pitot Bench Laboratory or workshop, integrated pump

ADTS D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Independent control of Altitude & Airspeed
  • Exceeds RVSM accuracy, with 12 months recalibration period
  • GPIB, RS232 and USB interfaces for ATE systems compatibility
  • User programmable safety limits and multiple test programs
  • Internal pumps, single channel & high flow rate variants
  • 19 inch Rack mount 2U high


  • The MPS46 is a rack mount or table top digital technology Air Data Test Set incorporating many standard features normally found on more expensive test instruments. As well as the standard Static and Pitot twin channel MPS46 unit, a single Ps channel version is available as the MPS46M (mono). A twin channel version with internal pumps is available as the MPS46P. The instruments are housed in a standard 19 inch by 2U enclosure, resulting in a compact rugged design.


Aeronautical manufacturing and maintenance, Avionics instrument manufacturers, Military applications

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