STATIC PITOT KIT D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Complete kits of pitot-static adapters with hoses
  • Adapters for Pitot probe with angle of attack (AoA)
  • Compatible with all Pitot Static DMA benches
  • Seal kit supplied
  • Suction cup fixing with vacuum maintenance for static adapter
  • Custom adapters - custom design and manufacturing


  • Pitot Static adapters for all types of aircraft DMA offers a large catalog of Pitot Static kits for all types of aircraft, civil or military. Airliner, business aircraft, fighter aircraft, helicopter, drone, etc. Adapters are available for single Pitot probes and static sockets, but also for aircraft that use angle of attack pressure sensors (AoA) or multifunction Pitot probes (Smart Probe). The DMA adapter kits are robust, reliable and very light in design. This allows easy mounting on the aircraft and immediately ensures a perfect seal. The entire kit is supplied in a sturdy case for easy transport and handling. The kits are compatible for types of Pitot Static bench with the possibility of configuring the connection connectors. Finally, some of our static adapters use a vacuum source (available on all DMA benches) allowing very simple attachment to the fuselage of the aircraft. The kits thus guarantee a perfect seal, the reliability and the speed of your anemobarometric tests.


Civil or military aeronautical maintenance, Anemobarometric tests, Leak tests.

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