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Digital Tachometer

Digital Tachometer Tester BCE14/15

ADTS D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Rotation speed can be displayed in %FS or RPM or both. deg/s, deg/min, rad/s, rad/min & Hz are also available.
  • Speed values, rotation sense, transmission ratio & full-scale speed are independently selectable for each drive motor.
  • User selectable limits are included for safe operation.
  • The generators can be tested under resistive “Y” or “Δ “ loads. The results are compared with the selectable limits.


  • BCE14 and BCE15 are laboratory computer-driven tachometer test systems for simultaneous testing of up to three tachometers and indicators used with turbine engines. DC motors with coaxial optical encoders, precision controlled by dedicated micro-processors and quartz timing circuits, provide maximum accuracy and stability. The BCE14 is equipped with two independent drive heads and the BCE15 with three drive heads for helicopter instrument applications.


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Double or triple tachometer testers

The tachometers use precision controlled DC motors with coaxial optical encoders controlled by a dedicated microprocessor. A quartz timing circuit provides maximum accuracy and control stability. Speed values (% or RPM), rotation direction, transmission ratio and 100% RPM values can be selected separately for each motor. The test set can apply star or delta resistive load and read the output voltage for generator checks; by entering RPM and test voltage limit values the full generator check can be automatically carried out. The internal printer provides copy of the test results. Safety limits to protect UUT can be set separately for each motor. The tachometer testers are part of DMA aircraft ground support equipment (AGSE) range.

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