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Environment monitor

Environment Monitor EM5010A

Environment Monitor wekomm


  • Measures all environmental data
  • Self-calibrating
  • Unique surveillance function which notifies when set limits have been exceeded
  • Detects and records sensor movements
  • All data, measured by the connected sensors are permanently recorded locally in CSV format
  • Network interface to access data via SCPI/LXI and file sharing


  • The EM5010A environment monitor is an excellent monitoring and recording system for all environmental data. Temperature, humidity, air pressure and much more can be monitored and recorded in a close loop to keep this information all time available. The environment monitor is available as table top device or wall mounted device and utilises up to 4 sensors. There are sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and particulate matter, with further options available in the future. Selecting a sensor will define the type and precision of the information to monitor. The monitor is a precise and cost effective 24/7 guard for environmental values in applications when the environment needs to be controlled. In a laboratory, it can identify problems early and avoid impact or damage, whilst in manufacturing plants, archives museums and all places where you need to closely monitor the environment such as humidity, temperature, pressure, or even particles in the air, the EM5010A environment monitor can be invaluable.


Literally anywhere where you need to measure environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and particulate matter.


More info on the Environment Monitor

Climate Monitor with built-in movement detectors allow you to identify the most likely cause for your values to change.

For example, discovering if a surge in temperature could have been caused by somebody touching the sensor for just a matter of seconds, this enables the user to focus on the real changes in measurements which are affecting the environment. Several options are available to enhance the scope of application even more. For mobile use or special requirements, the instrument can be equipped with a second power supply to operate from Voltages between 9 and 36 VDC. With the optional battery pack the instrument can be operated without any external power for more than 10 hours. As important as the measurements itself might be the capability to change the operation of a systems which is monitored by the instrument. Therefore an option with four contacts can be installed to even physically react on changing measurement values. The range of sensors for the EM5010A currently available are: S5001A Humidity, Temperature S5002A Air Pressure, Temperature S5010A Particulate Matter (1.0, 2.5, 4.5, 10), VOC, Humidity, Temperature S5090A GPS location data S5100A Eight digital inputs

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