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resistance standards

RS9020A-X Ultra stable, high load capable Resistance Standards

Resistance Measurement wekomm


  • Mechanically robust and stable
  • No special requirements for operation temperatures
  • Temperature stability better than 1 µΩ / Ω / °C
  • Custom resistance values on special order


  • With our new resistance standards series 9020A-X we have made a new dimension of precision possible. In experiments our 1Ω standard exposed a maximum of 0.8 µΩ/Ω change when being loaded with 1A or 1W. This is an unrivaled performance in the industry and opens a whole new field for precision measurements. Several National Metrology Institutes use the RS9020AX resistors for improving their current and power measurement capabilities. The resistors extreme stability under load allows a metrology lab to reduce the relevant uncertainties by at least the factor of 10 in comparison to the standard measurements. The excellent load stability is just one factor to provide such outstanding performance. The 9020A-X resistor series offer two integrated temperature sensors, mounted very close to the resistive elements. One of those sensors is a selected PT-100 type to measure the absolute temperature of the whole system. A very sensitive thermistor recognizes even the tiniest temperature change. Both sensors can be connected conveniently through the front panel mounted connector. When taking the temperature measurements into account, the calculated precision of the resistor can be furthermore improved


• Transfer Standards
• Working Standards
• Reference Resistors
• Calibration


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