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RS9010A-RX Very stable, very high load capable Low Ohms Resistance Standards

Resistance Measurement wekomm


  • Mechanically robust and stable
  • No special requirements for operation temperatures
  • No oil bath required
  • Long term stability better 3ppm / year
  • Temperature stability better than 0,3 ppm / °C


  • Having a very reliable power shunt makes measuring of high currents hassle-free. No need to bother about temperature coefficient or self heating. Just connect the load and make the measurements, which you can rely on to have the same high precision as you expect from wekomm resistors. What makes our resistor standards special is the very high load capability. Even a short overload condition will not harm the resistor. It retains it’s long term stability as it’s temperature coefficient. When warmed up, the resistor will reliably return to the calibrated value, printed on the case. To eliminate the influence of self heating, we mounted the resistor elements onto a specially designed and machined heat sink which is capable to maintain the temperature even at overload conditions. Combined with an excellent temperature coefficient, you can rely on the fact that the current you are going to measure will have only negligible influence on your results. Even at such high loads, the resistors maintain their excellent long term stability which makes them suitable for the use as low ohms transfer standards.


• Transfer Standards
• Working Standards
• Reference Resistors
• Calibration
• High Current Measurements


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