voltage source

VS2010A Precision Voltage Source




Extremely stable and extremely low noise DC Voltage
Programmable between -10V and +10V
SCPI interface available via USB
Linearity error is kept below 1 µV/V


Some measurements within the precision metrology field require an extremely stable and noise free voltage reference. The wekomm VS2010A voltage source is the very instrument for such applications.

This voltage source supplies an extremely stable and extremely low noise DC Voltage, programmable between -10V and +10V.  All voltage settings have an effective resolution of 10 µV, so in respect to the full range of 10V the VS2010A provides an effective resolution of 1ppm or 1 µV/V. Due to the use of a very high-quality DAC and an excellent reference source, the linearity error is kept below 1 µV/V. For greater precision, the instrument can be adjusted for every 1V Volt step so minimize this error even further.

The VS2010 voltage source features stability and precision of voltage output which is unrivalled by the best calibrators on the market. This makes the VS2010 voltage source an affordable and cost-effective solution where a precise voltage source is needed.

With the external sensor connections, the user can ensure that the pre-set voltages are present at the place where they are needed. The high-power option offers the capability to deliver this performance at up to 500mA. A SCPI interface available via USB makes the instrument the perfect companion in any automated test environment where the highest possible precision in pure DC only combined with maximum flexibility is needed.

The VS2010A voltage source is the ideal choice for any metrology requirements where a precise power supply is needed. Noise and linearity errors are so low that they match or supersede the performance of the most precise multi-meters on the market. This is important, as a true metrology application is made to measure the device under test and keep the error, the measurement instruments themselves contribute, at least one or two magnitudes lower as the expected measurement result.

The wekomm VS2010A allows two instruments to be mounted side by side in one single 19” rack so the setup can be space saving. With remote control capabilities, the instrument is fully suited for any integrated test equipment. If the remote capabilities are not used, all functions of the Voltage Source can be accessed and controlled via the user-friendly menu, which is displayed on a bright 2.4” LCD display


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