Helicoptor Air Data Test Set

Helicopter Air Data Test Set

MPS43H D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Fully automatic air data testing for helicopters
  • Compact and self contained - 4Kg (9lbs)
  • Colour LCD backlit display / touch screen
  • Simultaneous display of all parameters
  • Low power consumption


  • The MPS43H is a digital technology portable Air Data Test Set incorporating many standard features normally found in more expensive air data test sets. The MPS43H is a customized version of the MPS43, especially configured for use with helicopters. It is rugged and splashproof for demanding flight line use.


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The instrument is easy and fast to use by both experts and first time users. Testing and troubleshooting with the MPS43H can be performed via the integrated touch screen and an intuitively arranged colour-coded keypad. Readings of commanded and measured test values are displayed on the colour LCD display. Readings of both commanded and measured test values are displayed simultaneously. The MPS43H incorporates an intelligent, user friendly interface including software that rejects entered values that exceed the preselected limit ranges. The instrument uses “smart” precision silicon bridge transducers for maximum accuracy at all helicopter related altitudes & airspeeds and has low heat generation for high component endurance and high accuracy. It comes equipped with an internal rechargeable battery with approximately 30 minutes life, for safe return to ambient pressure in case of power loss. It is small, lightweight and very portable, ideal for transporting over widespread working areas.

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