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3 Channel Versatile Air Data Test Set

MPS49 – 3 Channel Versatile Air Data Test: Ps, Pt, AoA

ADTS D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • 3 independent channels for Altitude, Airspeed and Angle of Attack
  • RVSM compliant with 18 months recalibration
  • Integral pressure and vacuum pumps with 5000 hour warranty
  • Universal AC powered and internal 2 hour battery back-up
  • Optional multiple Ps, Pt & AoA ports with automatic line switching
  • Rugged flightline unit with wheels and stowable tow handle applications


  • The MPS49 is a 3 channel, Ps altitude, Pt airspeed and Angle of Attack (AoA) digital technology portable flightline air data test set. The construction is both rugged and rainproof and housed in a well proven HDPE case that incorporates both wheels and a retractable tow handle making transportation in the working environment simple. The associated auxiliaries of power leads and hoses are contained in an accompanying shoulder bag.


Aeronautical manufacturing and maintenance, Avionics instrument manufacturers, Military applications


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Automatic Control of 3 independent pressures

Three pressures are controllable separately and independently: Static and Pitot for altitude and airspeed together with Angle of Attack (AoA) pressure to test those aircraft equipped with the Smart pitot probe. The angle of attack pressure can be displayed either in pressure units with a maximum of 0.0001 inHg resolution. When three pressures are not required, AoA ports can be used as Static ports.

A conventional keypad is augmented by a multi-coloured touchscreen display for the operator to enter the test details. For flight deck use the MPSRC remote control or MPSRW wireless remote control are available. All the important air data functions are simultaneously displayed on either local or remote displays and constant screen or menu changes are not required. Readings of both commanded and measured, actual, values are displayed.
Laboratory testing can also be performed by a PC connected via RS232 to the remote hand terminal connector. The comprehensive manuals include all the control instructions. ADWIN software is available as a ready-to-run PC based interface.
Automated calibration
Calibration, performed by software, is fast and simple since no mechanical adjustments are required. Calibration factors are password protected for security. The resultant accuracy of the sensors exceeds the RVSM industry requirements. The DMA Transfer Standard PAMB11H, under the recommended operating conditions, can be utilised for the MPS49 calibrations.

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