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Compact Digital Pitot static kit

MPS43B Ultra Precision Compact Digital Pitot Static Test Kit

ADTS D. Marchiori Srl. (DMA)


  • Ps to 55,000 ft, Pt to 550 kts, ROC to 6000 ft/min
  • 1 Hour+ Operation from Internal Battery
  • Integral Pumps with 1500 Hour Warranty
  • Vacuum Port Holds DMA Adaptors to Fuselage
  • RVSM Compliant, Weighs just 4.5 kg, Bluetooth Compatible
  • Powered by AC, 28VDC or Removable Battery


  • Ultra Compact air data test set, the MPS43B is a second generation of the unique MPS43 instrument where the first class capabilities of precision and performance are all integrated into a remarkably small enclosure. The improved totally flat panel with an integral power switch gives enhanced environmental protection. It enables users to enjoy the air data testing characteristics, and experience the compact size and portability, not possible by more conventionally designed products. The rugged lightweight enclosure meets the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry and offers unmatched cost and ownership benefits not available from alternatives.




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The MPS43 is certainly the best-selling DMA bench worldwide. Its modern, efficient and ultra compact design allows it to respond to many applications on site or in the workshop. Ideal tool for your runway interventions, it allows you to carry out avionics tests on many aircraft: airliner, business aircraft, helicopter, drone.

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