Pressure Calibrator

Pressure Calibrator SPC4050

SPC4050 Scanivalve


  • Automated DSA, MPS & ZOC calibrations
  • 0.01% FS Accuracy
  • Up to 4 calibration ranges, 0.36 to 750 psig
  • Removable/interchangeable transducers
  • Bench or rack mounted
  • Bench or rack mounted


  • The SPC4050 pressure calibrator can perform automated multipoint calibrations and offset corrections on demand to DSA, MPS & ZOC pressure scanners. In order to do this the calibrator must be used with the Scanivalve SPCPLU. The reference side of the gauge transducers can be connected to an alternate remote location (tunnel static, elevated line pressure, static basket, etc). The calibrator can also send known pressures to all of the DSA/MPS/ZOC sensors to ensure they are reading correctly (System Validation). The calibration system can be used for many applications including multi-point calibration of DSA, MPS and ZOC pressure scanners, zero offset correction, and leak testing. The calibrator can also be used in the local/manual mode utilizing the front panel touch screen or remotely via Ethernet. It would be used in this standalone mode to regulate and measure pressures to calibrate individual pressure transducers

More info on the SPC4050

The SPC4050 pressure calibrator is designed to provide automated calibration of Scanivalve Corp’s DSA, MPS and ZOC pressure scanners.

The calibration system consists of 3 components.

1. The heart of the calibration system is the Scanivalve pressure calibrator, model SPC4050. The SPC4050 calibrator has up to two independent precision pressure regulators. Each regulator can have up to two gauge transducers; thus up to 4 transducers per calibrator.
2. Scanivalve’s Pneumatic Logic Unit (SPCPLU) is required for automated DSA, MPS & ZOC calibrations. This unit contains the pneumatic solenoid valves and manifolds required to perform single or multi-range calibrations, as well as zero offset corrections.
3. A utility program, PressCal is included with the SPC4050. It performs automated or manual calibrations on all DSA and ZOC pressure scanners by controlling the pressure calibrator and SPCPLU. PressCal updates the module calibration coefficient files and generates “as received” and calibration validation reports.

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