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Resistance Standards

EVO9050A-X Resistance Standards

Resistance Measurement wekomm


  • Mechanically robust and stable
  • No special requirements for operation temperatures
  • No oil bath required
  • Temperature stability typically better than 1 ppm / °C
  • Operational range from 20°C to 30°C


  • High performance, precision and stability Resistance Standards for a budget friendly price - these are the key elements defining the new EVO9050A series resistors. These standard resistors are the result of many years in research and development. Every component for this product is based on experience to deliver the best performance in it’s class. The resistive elements are based on the wekomm ARR-modules, our new Adjustable Reference Resistors which allow to meet a specific target value with sub-ppm precision together with reference stability. No compromise is made at the quality and used components. The binding posts are made from Copper-Tellurium for low thermal effects and gold coated for best electrical contact. A rugged aluminium case protects the standard resistor from harsh environments and offers a maximum of mechanical stability. Each resistance standard comes with a calibration certificate, on request an ISO 17025 accredited calibration is available. The issued certificate of calibration is part of delivery. The EVO9050A series is divided into two ranges, the standard range covers the decade values, the extended range allows to offer a broad variety of non standard values. The EVO9050A series is the perfect workhorse for daily use in laboratory and calibration applications.


• Transfer Standards
• Working Standards
• Reference Resistors
• Calibration


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