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Pressure Measurement System

E-RAD4000 Ethernet Interface Supports 8 x MPS or 8 x analog ZOC

Pressure Accessories Scanivalve


  • Direct Engineering Data Output over Ethernet
  • Use with ZOC Pressure scanner and ZOC EIM for simultaneous synchronised temperature and electrical measurements to 875Hz/channel
  • Field expandable
  • Compact profile for ‘in-model’ use
  • Real-time Operating System


  • ERAD4000 builds on the earlier RAD3200 technology to provide a stand-alone Ethernet based scanner system capable of managing pressure / temperature and electrical measurements simultaneously. Highly modular design allows flexibility in field based expansion.


Wind Tunnel Testing / Flight Test


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Pressure Measurement System with ethernet connection

The state-of-the-art DSP technology is at the heart of our new E-RAD4000 pressure measurement system.

Located inside the RADBASE is a programmable device, (Digital Signal Processor, DSP) capable of extremely fast math functions that operate on the data stream in real time. All measurements are converted into Engineering units.
Advantages of DSP technology: • Boots up quickly • Real Time Operating System • Low Data Latency
The RADBASE DSP processor utilizes a pressure temperature look-up table to compensate the pressure sensors for temperature changes, thus reducing thermal errors. It also can control the actuation of an external calibration valve via the RDS3200 module to perform on-line zero offset corrections. Long term accuracy is achieved for up to 6 months before recalibration is required.
This new Ethernet remote A/D system is a turnkey pressure measurement system that combines the field proven RAD with Ethernet TCP/IP. E-RAD4000 system is capable of maintaining its performance even as computer technology and operating systems upgrade. E-RAD will work on any hardware platform that has an Ethernet port, thus minimizing the user’s future interface risks.

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