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New Pitot Heat Alert From DMA

The DMA Pitot Heat Alert ADTA20xx is a vital component for monitoring and alerting excessive temperature levels in Pitot probes. Designed to prevent potential hazards arising from overheating during Anti-ICE system operations or prolonged activation, this device ensures the safety of personnel and the integrity of Pitot probes and surrounding equipment.


  • Audible and visual temperature warning system.
  • Red light indicator for visual alert.
  • Designed to detect and warn against Pitot probes exceeding preset temperature limits.
  • Crucial for aeronautical applications to prevent personnel burns, Pitot probe damage, and surrounding device damage.

Potential Risks:

Personnel Severe Burns: Overheating of Pitot probes can lead to severe burns if touched accidentally by personnel.

Pitot Probe Damage: Excessive temperatures can cause damage to the Pitot probes, affecting their accuracy and functionality.

Surrounding Devices Damage: Heat transfer from overheated Pitot probes may damage nearby equipment and components.


The ADTA20xx utilises both audible and visual alerts to notify users of potential temperature breaches. The red-light indicator provides a clear visual warning, while the audible alert ensures attention is drawn promptly to the issue. This combined warning system allows for swift action to be taken to mitigate risks and prevent damage.

A universal pitot alert is unfeasible due to the infinite number of available pitot tubes for aeronautical applications (shape/dimension variations in addition to Anti-ICE diverse temperature thresholds).
The ADTA20xx series is intended for use on 10-20 mm diameter pitot tubes namely Smart Probes such as: 0857C, 0857D, 2015G, 2015T

Four different temperature warnings are available:

ADTA2060 – Alarm ON 140°F (60°C) reset 113°F (45°C)
ADTA2075 – Alarm ON 167°F (75°C) reset 140°F (60°C)
ADTA2090 – Alarm ON 194°F (90°C) reset 167°F (75°C)
ADTA20100 – Alarm ON 212°F (100°C) reset 185°F (85°C)

The Pitot Heat Alert ADTA20xx series can be used stand-alone or in combination with DMA Adapter Kits

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