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A Versatile Remote Pressure Scanner Application for Wind Tunnels

This application note discusses the Scanivalve MPS4232 and its versatility in being adapted to a remote pressure scanner in wind tunnel applications. We explore the key features of the MPS4232, its benefits in wind tunnel testing, and the steps involved in integrating it into wind tunnel test articles remotely. Additionally, we showcase its performance advantages over traditional pressure measurement techniques.

Wind tunnels are critical tools for aerodynamic research and testing in various industries, including aerospace, automotive and wind energy.

Accurate pressure measurements inside the wind tunnel are crucial for understanding the airflow and aerodynamic characteristics of models under test, but it is not always possible to supply power to the model, or to collect real-time data, if the model is not powered.

The Scanivalve MPS4232 offers a highly adaptable solution for remote pressure scanning in wind tunnel environments, providing precise and real-time pressure data.

Its small footprint, light weight and multitude of channels make it ideal for the application, but the integration into a remote system is essential for some applications.

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